Photo by: Ryan Hoile

Photo by: Ryan Hoile

Hi there!

Welcome to my photographic blog!

My name is Nina but my friends and family have come up with their own versions of my name (Miss Nina, Nins, Ni-Ni, Ninatjie, etc. )

My love of cameras stretches back as far as I can remember.  I’ve collected them then neglected them, loved them and lost them; but each one brings me joy.  Through a camera I can capture the world around me through my own perspective and highlight whats important to me or simply what catches my eye.  I’m distracted by shiny things & have a short attention span, if I didn’t take pictures, I’d miss half of whats around me.

My loving partner is also a super camera nerd.  Together we go on adventures and even though we’re in the same places, our images are unique and special to each of us.

A camera is that kind of personal outlet for creativity, and this blog is my way of sharing what I love with whomever passes by.  To those of you who do, I invite you to stay and view these images.

Thank you 🙂







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