New Zealand : Part 1

New Zealand is simply beautiful.

February 2016 saw My Love and I escaping the overbearing humidity of Queensland, Australia to the much cooler climate and similarly named Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown and the rest of the South Island is just filled with beauty;  From its mountain ranges to its crystal clear glacial lakes to its never ending amazing cloud formations you could never leave without a bad photo.

We didn’t venture far from Queenstown on the first few days and most of the photos below are either taken from the road side, a quick bush walk and within Queenstown.

Unfortunately the day we decided to make the drive out to Aoraki / Mount Cook it was a dreary wet day and was heavily overcast; We didn’t get to see the peak but the surrounding areas were stunning none the less.

After we visited Aoraki / Mount Cook we stopped by Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki. I have never seen water of that colour! It is of the palest blue and due to the glacial flour from the mountains, it takes on this opaque turquoise blue under full sunshine.

Our last stop before we headed back to Queenstown was Omarama Clay Cliffs. Seeing these cliffs under the setting light of the sun was just a perfect way to end our day.

Our next stop was Milford Sound…

And boy did it rain…


All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos



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