Tin, Salt & Chrome

There is a place, nestled amongst the salty dunes, that is built from tin. This tiny “city” has an ever changing landscape that is set to eventually disappear under the moving sands.

Stockton Beach is home to Tin City, which consist of about a dozen hand built tin shacks. It is like entering a post apocalyptic world, you are surrounded by dunes, an open blue sky with no one to be seen and a long walk ahead of you to reach the tiny township.

TC-1 2TC-3TC-4 5TC-6TC-8 7 9TC-10 11TC-12TC-13 14TC-15TC-16 17TC-19 18 20TC-21TC-22TC-23 24TC-25TC-26 27 28 29TC-30TC-31 32TC-33TC-34TC-35TC-36TC-37TC-38TC-39TC-40TC-41TC-42TC-43TC-44TC-45 46TC-47 48TC-49TC-50TC-51TC-52TC-53TC-54TC-56 55TC-57TC-58TC-59 60TC-61TC-62 63 64TC-65TC-66TC-67TC-68TC-69

Shot on Classic Chrome through my Fujifilm XT1

All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos ©



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