Hunt through the Valley to Newcastle

What felt like 10 minutes into cruising altitude we were no sooner on the descend into the tiny little airport of Newcastle, New South Wales. June 2015 saw my love and I making the quick trip south for a friends 30th birthday and while there we ventured through out the town and headlands for a beautiful fun filled week.

Newey-1Newey-2Newey-3Newey-4Newey-5Newey-6Newey-7Newey-8Newey-9Newey-10Newey-11Newey-12Newey-13Newey-14Newey-15Newey-16Newey-17Newey-18Newey-19Newey-20 21Newey-24Newey-22 23Newey-25Newey-26 27Newey-28Newey-31Newey-32Newey-34 35Newey-36Newey-37Newey-38Newey-39Newey-40Newey-41Newey-42Newey-43Newey-44Newey-45Newey-46Newey-47Newey-48 49Newey-50 51Newey-52Newey-53Newey-54Newey-55Newey-56 57Newey-58Newey-59 60 61 62Newey-63 64Newey-65Newey-66Newey-67Newey-68Newey-69 70Newey-71Newey-72Newey-73Newey-74Newey-75 76Newey-77Newey-78Newey-79Newey-80Newey-81Newey-82Newey-83Newey-84Newey-85Newey-86 87Newey-89 88Newey-90Newey-91Newey-92Newey-93Newey-94Newey-95Newey-96Newey-97Newey-98Newey-99 100Newey-105 104 103 102 101Newey-107Newey-108 109Newey-110Newey-111Newey-112 106 113Newey-114Newey-115Newey-116Newey-117 118Newey-119Newey-120Newey-121Newey-122 123Newey-124Newey-125 126Newey-127Newey-128Newey-129Newey-130Newey-132 131 133Newey-134

All images copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos ©


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