A Japanese Odyssey | Tokyo, Nikko & Mt Fuji

Part IV

Navigating our way through the monstrous train stations in Tokyo with our luggage and the mass amount of people moving around was not an easy introduction to Tokyo; but I don’t think there is any better way to be introduced.

Tokyo is the place where I learnt the definition of “choice.” There is an excessive amount of products to choose from, in every colour, in every size and in every brand. Our first night there we stumbled across a couple of secondhand camera shops, most of them had digital secondhand cameras until we came across Chuuko Camera Box. This little hole in the wall was chockfull of old film cameras of every type! I spend ages in there looking at all the cameras I could buy, but alas I had to stop myself as my luggage limit was already met; I did however pick up a mint condition Nikon F-601 and a couple of rolls of film for under $30.

Our first full day in Tokyo was spend wandering the streets making our way over to Roppongi Hills to look over the vast city of Tokyo. Along the way we stopped into Zojo-ji Temple which featured the most beautiful chandeliers, had a crepe rolled into a cone for lunch and then headed over to see a small Fujifilm museum before heading up to Mori Tower. The tower features a small art gallery which displaying the works of Lee Mingwei.

Day Sixteen of our Twenty days in Japan was spent in the small town of Nikko. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect day to see this little gem. The fog had rolled in and spent the day with us making our photographs become dreamy. We visited one of the most beautiful Japanese Gardens I have every seen (I think the fog made it more magical) called The Old Japanese Garden: Shoyo-en.We spent the rest of the day walking through shrines and the wonderful landscape and town.

Shopping was our next item on our agenda so we headed over to Shinjuku, Akihabara and Harajuku. Again I was amazed at the amount of choice you have, especially when we headed into Akiba-Yodobashi and I was gobsmacked at the eight levels of electronics. Harajuku was amazingly filled with the best choice of accessories, clothes and shoes in weird and wonderful colours.

My love had said to me earlier in the trip that he wanted to find the store that dispenses capsule toys, I didn’t quiet understand until we found it. The place we found had over 200 machines and each capsule toy is priced anywhere from ¥200 – ¥500. I went a tiny bit crazy and bought quiet a few trying to get a whole collection of Sailor Moon keyrings.

We wanted to end our trip on a bang and Mount Fuji was the last landmark to see. I am very glad that we left this till last as it was simply a spectacular day to see it. We took the train to Lake Kawaguchi where we took a quick 20 minute boat ride on the lake to see Mt Fuji in all its glory and then later that day we headed up on a cable car to see the mountain in the fading afternoon light.

Our last morning in Japan was spent in the little suburb of Nishi-Ogikubo, wandering the streets and absorbing the last of Japan.

I was so sad to leave Japan and all its beauty and culture. Visiting all we visited was still just the tip of the iceberg. We plan to make another trip back, when the snow is falling and the landscape becomes a beautiful winter wonderland.

On our way to TokyoTokyoNikkoFuji-1 TokyoNikkoFuji-2 TokyoNikkoFuji-3 4 TokyoNikkoFuji-5 6 7 Chuuko Camera BoxTokyoNikkoFuji-8 TokyoNikkoFuji-9 TokyoNikkoFuji-10 TokyoNikkoFuji-11 TokyoNikkoFuji-12Pokemon Centre TokyoNikkoFuji-13 Walking Around Tokyo TokyoNikkoFuji-14 15 16 Zojo-ji TempleTokyoNikkoFuji-17 TokyoNikkoFuji-18 TokyoNikkoFuji-19 Tokyo TowerTokyoNikkoFuji-20 21Reiyukai Shakaden Temple TokyoNikkoFuji-22 TokyoNikkoFuji-23 24 Walking Through TokyoTokyoNikkoFuji-25 26Mori Tower TokyoNikkoFuji-27 TokyoNikkoFuji-28 TokyoNikkoFuji-29 Mori Tower Art Gallery – Lee MingleTokyoNikkoFuji-30 TokyoNikkoFuji-31 NikkoTokyoNikkoFuji-32 38 TokyoNikkoFuji-33 34 36 TokyoNikkoFuji-37 TokyoNikkoFuji-39 42 TokyoNikkoFuji-40 41 TokyoNikkoFuji-43 The Old Japanese Garden: Shoyo-enTokyoNikkoFuji-44 TokyoNikkoFuji-45 TokyoNikkoFuji-46 47 TokyoNikkoFuji-48 TokyoNikkoFuji-49 TokyoNikkoFuji-50 51 TokyoNikkoFuji-52 TokyoNikkoFuji-53 TokyoNikkoFuji-54 55 TokyoNikkoFuji-56 TokyoNikkoFuji-57 TokyoNikkoFuji-58 Walking Through NikkoTokyoNikkoFuji-59 60 61 TokyoNikkoFuji-62 TokyoNikkoFuji-63 TokyoNikkoFuji-64 65 TokyoNikkoFuji-66 67 TokyoNikkoFuji-68 TokyoNikkoFuji-69 TokyoNikkoFuji-70 TokyoNikkoFuji-73 71 72 TokyoNikkoFuji-74 75 AkiharbaraTokyoNikkoFuji-76 TokyoNikkoFuji-77 TokyoNikkoFuji-78 TokyoNikkoFuji-79 80 TokyoNikkoFuji-81 TokyoNikkoFuji-82 TokyoNikkoFuji-83 TokyoNikkoFuji-84 TokyoNikkoFuji-85 TokyoNikkoFuji-86 TokyoNikkoFuji-87 TokyoNikkoFuji-88 TokyoNikkoFuji-89 TokyoNikkoFuji-90 TokyoNikkoFuji-91 TokyoNikkoFuji-92 TokyoNikkoFuji-93 94 95 TokyoNikkoFuji-96 TokyoNikkoFuji-97 TokyoNikkoFuji-98 99 TokyoNikkoFuji-100 TokyoNikkoFuji-101 TokyoNikkoFuji-102 TokyoNikkoFuji-103 TokyoNikkoFuji-104 TokyoNikkoFuji-105 TokyoNikkoFuji-106 TokyoNikkoFuji-107 TokyoNikkoFuji-108 TokyoNikkoFuji-109 TokyoNikkoFuji-110 TokyoNikkoFuji-111 112 TokyoNikkoFuji-113 TokyoNikkoFuji-114 ShinjukuTokyoNikkoFuji-115 TokyoNikkoFuji-116 117 TokyoNikkoFuji-118 Yoyogi National GymnasiumTokyoNikkoFuji-119 HarajukuTokyoNikkoFuji-120 TokyoNikkoFuji-121 122 TokyoNikkoFuji-123 TokyoNikkoFuji-124 TokyoNikkoFuji-125 TokyoNikkoFuji-126 127 Heading to Lake KawaguchiTokyoNikkoFuji-128 TokyoNikkoFuji-129 TokyoNikkoFuji-130 TokyoNikkoFuji-131 TokyoNikkoFuji-132 TokyoNikkoFuji-133 TokyoNikkoFuji-134 TokyoNikkoFuji-135 TokyoNikkoFuji-136 TokyoNikkoFuji-137 138 TokyoNikkoFuji-139 Mount FujiTokyoNikkoFuji-140 TokyoNikkoFuji-142 141 143 TokyoNikkoFuji-144 TokyoNikkoFuji-145 TokyoNikkoFuji-146 TokyoNikkoFuji-147 TokyoNikkoFuji-148 TokyoNikkoFuji-149 TokyoNikkoFuji-150 TokyoNikkoFuji-151 TokyoNikkoFuji-152 TokyoNikkoFuji-153 154 155 TokyoNikkoFuji-160 TokyoNikkoFuji-157 TokyoNikkoFuji-161 Nishi-OgikuboTokyoNikkoFuji-162 TokyoNikkoFuji-163 TokyoNikkoFuji-164 TokyoNikkoFuji-165 166 TokyoNikkoFuji-167 TokyoNikkoFuji-168 TokyoNikkoFuji-169 170 TokyoNikkoFuji-171 172 TokyoNikkoFuji-173 TokyoNikkoFuji-174 TokyoNikkoFuji-175 TokyoNikkoFuji-176 TokyoNikkoFuji-177 178 179 TokyoNikkoFuji-180

All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos ©


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