A Japanese Odyssey | Kyoto

Part II

It took me a few moments to love Kyoto. My love and I had just spent 4 days in sleepy(ish) small(er) Japanese towns and to arriving Kyoto from this relaxing four days, is like placing everything on fast forward. Exiting into Kyoto Station and its huge Atrium filled with people rushing around to get to their train home and then on to the streets to find our hotel was a bit overwhelming. but once we settled into Kyoto we picked up the pace and saw as much as we could, even in the outstanding circumstance we were placed in.

We walked everywhere in Kyoto and our first destination was Fushimi-Inari. This shrine is over 1300 years old and has over 10000 Torii Gates that you walk through to reach the shrine at the top of the mountain. On the way to visiting Fushimi-Inari we stopped at a small shrine as well as Tôfuku-Ji Gate.

This was the last of the good weather we were going to have for 2 days as Typhoon Vongfong was making its way straight for Kyoto. However we did manage to see Kyoto’s International Manga Museum before the city was placed on lockdown. That night we learnt that vending machine beers and mixed nuts are an awesome and cheap way to pass the time waiting for a typhoon to hit. Luckily for us and the rest of Kyoto, Vongfong veered away leaving us with some torrential rainfall for a small amount of time.

The following day we decided that it was clear enough to venture to Arishiyama Monkey Park and Oh. My. God. these monkeys we possibly the cutest creatures in the world! And you can feed them peanuts and bananas from inside a cage! They scurry up to the caged window and will hold out their furry little arms waiting for you to present them food, occasionally a smaller cheeky monkey will sneak in and grab the food before being chased away by a bigger adult monkey.

Later that afternoon we visited some smaller temples and stumbled across the Bamboo forest that is featured on the Lonely Planet guide for Japan.

Our last day in Kyoto before heading off to Osaka was spent visiting the Sanjusangen-do Shrine. This shrine is the home to over 1001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The building is 120m long and is a completely wooden structure. The shrine prohibits any photography in the hall as it is a place of worship and we respect that, I did capture a few photos of the building itself and the grounds.

Kyoto Stationkyoto-1 2 kyoto-3 4 kyoto-5 kyoto-6 Funda-in Templekyoto-7 kyoto-8 kyoto-9 kyoto-10 11 12 kyoto-13 14 kyoto-15 kyoto-16  Hojo Gardenkyoto-17 18 19 kyoto-20kyoto-21Tofuku-ji’s Gatekyoto-22Fushimi- Inarikyoto-23kyoto-24kyoto-25kyoto-26kyoto-27 28kyoto-29kyoto-30kyoto-31kyoto-32kyoto-33kyoto-34kyoto-35kyoto-36kyoto-37 38kyoto-39kyoto-40kyoto-41kyoto-42kyoto-43kyoto-44kyoto-45kyoto-46kyoto-47kyoto-48kyoto-49kyoto-50kyoto-51 52 53kyoto-54kyoto-57 55 56kyoto-58kyoto-59 60kyoto-61 62kyoto-63 Kyoto International Manga Museumkyoto-65Walking around Kyoto before Typhoon Vongfongkyoto-66kyoto-67kyoto-68 69kyoto-70kyoto-71kyoto-72kyoto-73Arishyamakyoto-74 75kyoto-76kyoto-77kyoto-78Arishiyama Monkey Parkkyoto-79kyoto-80kyoto-82 83 84kyoto-81 87kyoto-85kyoto-86kyoto-88kyoto-89kyoto-90kyoto-92 91kyoto-94 93   Gio-ji Temple Gardenskyoto-95kyoto-96Nembutsu-ji Templekyoto-97kyoto-98 99kyoto-100kyoto-101kyoto-102 2kyoto-103 104kyoto-105Arishyamakyoto-106kyoto-107 108

Kyotokyoto-109 110kyoto-111kyoto-112 113 114Sanjusangen-do Templekyoto-115kyoto-116kyoto-117kyoto-119 118kyoto-120

All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos


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