Running Through the Rain in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is like no other place in the world! I have never seen so many people in my life! It was such a bustling city full of culture.

Almost all of Hong Kong speaks predominately Chinese, so finding our way on the train system was the first challenge. After running around the multilevel train station we finally got onto our train and headed over to Sheung Wan where our hotel was located.

Once we made it to the hotel, dropped our things off into the room and headed out to go see the local streets in Sheung Wan. Many of the local shops are open to late in the night all and are busy until close. We were very close to the harbour and in our travels took the quick walk down there. There was this very cute old man there sitting by the harbour legs over the edge watching the fishing boats roll in and out. I took a quick few photos of him until he turned around and in very broken english “you photograph this way, I step out of image” he then moved and pointed to the distant side of Hong Kong. He was a very sweet old man.

This was our last look at sunshine for 3 days, the next time we would see sunshine would be on our way back to the airport to travel back to the land of Australia.

It rained torrentially for the three full days we were in Hong Kong but we managed to do as much as possible. We managed to see the Kowloon Ladies Market & the shopping district, Disney Land Hong Kong  & wandered around Sheung Wan. I really wanted to see the big Buddha and see more of hong kong but the rain just made it plain difficult.

Our last day in Hong Kong brought us beaming sunlight and sweltering humidity but as this was the day we had to board a plane back home I managed to sneak out in the morning and photograph the streets surrounding our hotel.

Arriving at the airport I realised that I had missed the beauty of Hong Kong International. The architecture was beautiful and the way the light bounced off the roof and it surrounding areas made it come alive!

I loved Hong Kong and I wished that it had rained less to see more of it! Definitely a destination that I will visit again.

HongKong-1 HongKong-2 HongKong-3 HongKong-4 HongKong-5 HongKong-6 HongKong-7 HongKong-8 HongKong-9 HongKong-10-11 HongKong-12 HongKong-13 HongKong-14 HongKong-15 HongKong-16 HongKong-17 HongKong-18 HongKong-19 HongKong-20 HongKong-21-22-23 HongKong-24 HongKong-25 HongKong-26 HongKong-27 HongKong-28-19 HongKong-30 HongKong-31 HongKong-32 HongKong-33 HongKong-35 HongKong-36-34 HongKong-37 HongKong-38 HongKong-39 HongKong-40 HongKong-41 HongKong-42 HongKong-43 HongKong-44 HongKong-46-45 HongKong-47 HongKong-48 HongKong-49 HongKong-50 HongKong-51-52-53 HongKong-54-58 HongKong-55 HongKong-56 HongKong-57 HongKong-59 HongKong-60 HongKong-61 HongKong-62 HongKong-63 HongKong-64 HongKong-65 HongKong-66 HongKong-67 HongKong-68 HongKong-69 HongKong-70 HongKong-71-72 HongKong-73-74 HongKong-75 HongKong-76 HongKong-77-78 HongKong-79-80 HongKong-81 HongKong-82 HongKong-83 HongKong-84 HongKong-85-86 HongKong-87 HongKong-88 HongKong-89 HongKong-90 HongKong-91-92 HongKong-93 HongKong-94 HongKong-95 HongKong-96 HongKong-97 HongKong-98 HongKong-99 HongKong-100 HongKong-101 HongKong-102 HongKong-103 HongKong-104 HongKong-105-110 HongKong-106 HongKong-107 HongKong-108 HongKong-109 HongKong-111 HongKong-112 HongKong-113 HongKong-114 HongKong-115-116

All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos ©


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