Colours of Singapore

There is such a special feeling about Singapore! From when you step off the plane into the amazingly huge Changi Airport you know that you are about to enter a wonderful country.

My time in Singapore was short but amazing. The weather was warm, the people were amazing and the urban landscape that surrounded us was just beautiful.

I saw as much as I could in the four days that I was there. We started by seeing Marina Bay Sands (aka my favourite building in the world), Gardens By the Bay which featured the Super Trees. We also traveled across to the resort island of Sentosa, which has the Universal Studios and the S.E.A Aquarium (S.E.A has the largest underwater viewing platform/perspex wall in the world). Visited the Orchid Street district (where I would have love to buy many many things but way out of my price range) and lastly roamed around the little district of Joo Chiat where we stayed.

There was so much that I missed that another trip will be in order over the next few years.

But After four whirlwind days we travelled the short distance back to Changi Airport to embark on of part 2 of our Asian Adventure.

Next stop: Hong Kong…

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All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos


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