Sterling Silver

Last weekend marked the 37th Annual Australian Professional Photography Awards, held within the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Unfortunately, due to my poor planning skills,  I couldn’t make it down to witness and experience the suspense and exhilaration of the awards process. Fortunately The AIPP did live stream all the judging through the interwebs, so I got to sit at home with a big mug of coffee in my PJ’s, with my television hooked up to the internet and my laptop on my lap streaming all the images.

I watched all four of my images being judged and the suspense of listening a waiting for the judges to examine and determine if my image is worthy of an award is still as strong as it would be sitting in the crowd watching.

This year marked my first year as a full member, which meant that I could enter four images as well as earning points towards my associateship to becoming a Master Photographer.

Three of the images I took earlier this year while being on holidays with my love, and the other was taken while I was taking a walk through GOMA late last year.

I am very happy to have been awarded 3 Silver awards and 1 Silver with Distinction.Brisbane PhotographerSilver, 83, Illustrative Category

Brisbane PhotographerSilver, 82, Illustrative Category

Brisbane PhotographerSilver with Distinction, 85, Illustrative Category

Brisbane PhotographerSilver, 83, Landscape Category

All Images Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos


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