All Aboard at the Tiny Train Station

I cannot describe enough how amazing model trains are!

They are so overwhelmingly detailed, with scaled down miniature people going about their miniature life in towns surrounded by trains.

My partner and I found out that there was a model train show at Doomben Racecourse, and he didn’t have to ask me twice about going to the show.

I got to see these awesome miniature worlds with working trains and I was also allowed to photograph the models. It definitely was an experience and a half and I must of had the biggest smile on my face while watching these models go around the tracks. Looking through the lens of my camera was also another world in itself. I could localise what I was seeing and they almost have this very life like quality about them.

I chose to photograph these photos solely on an 85mm F1.4 lens. And the shallow depth of field is enhanced more as they are such small figurines.

All Images are Copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos


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