Sirromet in September

New camera! New places!

In September 2012, the lovely people at Nikon announced the D600. On paper this camera suited my needs perfectly. It was light, small, had a big sensor and was very well priced. Nikon had also planned this very well and had stock available the week that it was announced!

I gathered my money together, quickly sold off my beast of a camera (D700) that I loved dearly and purchased the D600 a few days following the announcement.

Filled with excitement I urgently wanted to go and photograph somewhere, something or someone. But where was I to photograph? I wanted somewhere that I hadn’t been before and somewhere that was not too far from home. Now I was in a bit of a pickle with what I wanted to do until my partner came up with an idea to visit Sirromet Winery.

I was always under the impression that Sirromet was a few hours away. “No, Silly” I was told by my partner “It’s less than 30 minutes from here”.

I gathered my shiny new camera, got into the car and headed out towards Sirromet.

All Images are copyrighted to Nina Dos Santos


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